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Steve Cavazos- 5th Year Apprentice

Hello, My name is Esteban J. Cavazos, most know me as "Steve".  I have been in the Texas Gulf Coast Electrical Apprenticeship program for 4 years now. This year will be my last year (5th year) and I am hoping to take my journeyman test before I complete the program.


I have learned so much in the last 4 years while in the program. From reading prints, to understanding what the job entails, to the brotherhood of my brethren, to wiring up panels, disconnects, simple plugs, lights, switches, to running and bending conduit raceway, fire alarm, simple motor control, and the list goes on and on. It is hard for me to put into words the knowledge and experience I have received and or gathered in the last 4 years. The program has helped me in ways that I wish I would've known about years ago. Because coming in at the ripe age of 40, I should've done when I was 18. But it's never too late to show an old dog new tricks.  I'm still learning everyday.


For someone thinking of entering the trade of electrician, I say to you, think about it really carefully. Not only are you dealing with electricity, it may end up taking your life or causing serious bodily injury. But, if you follow simple guidelines and policies and procedures companies setup before you then you will be a successful aspect to our trade and to our society. This isn't for everyone. I started off with 50 fellow students and now we are down to 13. Some have dropped the program or have pursued other options. For me, this is my best endeavor. In the end, I will have a trade no one will ever take away from me.


Thank you for your time and Good Luck in your decision. It was the best decision for me. 

Allen Trevino

Class of 2017-2018

Top Apprentice

Hi, my name is Allen Trevino, I've spent the last five years as an apprentice electrician in the CCJATC, I can honestly say it was the best investment in my future and a huge benefit to my family despite the time away from them. The big thing you have to understand is that you only get out what you put into your time in the program whether it's your best effort or just enough to get by. Using my experience as an example I put in the time to study and understand to the best of my ability theory and code while applying it to real world applications, this effort along with my grades allowed me the opportunity to lead my class and compete against some of the best minds in the industry's future. After having completed the apprenticeship I was given the opportunity to not only become a Journeyman wireman but also a Foreman straight out of the program because of the things I learned in class. One of the best advantages to apprenticeship is the the ability to earn a decent living while going to school, it is hard for the first two years as you are on a graduated scale but if you make it into your third year it's more than possible to support a family with the wages you earn and I myself am grateful for that as my family has grown some while I was in class.

Derrick Ruff- 3rd Year Apprentice

The Apprenticeship Program has given me the chance to have a rewarding career that provides for my family.  I have a new sense of pride in knowing that I am learning a valuable set of skills that will always be in demand. 

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